Every morning, my dog Marcus wakes up some time between 6:00am and 6:07am because like all beagles, he suffers from perpetual hunger. Lucky for me, I’m the one who usually gets trampled as he launches himself off the bed and into the kitchen, believing that food will have miraculously appeared in his bowl, and even though food has never miraculously appeared in his bowl while I"m still in bed, Marcus begins each day with the same sense of optimism and exuberance that somehow, this time will be different - always unfulfilled of course, but the point is his positivity never wanes. The same could be said for Tom Cruise. Because as everyone in Hollywood announced his demise, Tom chose not to hide himself behind the walls of his scientological fortress but to brave the backlash with his bride, famous grin firmly in place, matching her sweet smile tooth for tooth, out for a public dinner last night - a warrior ready for the long fight, "bring it on" his worn out battle cry. He"s a plucky duck, that Tom. Not that I enjoy complimenting him…not at all… but to be honest, I can"t say I could have done the same. In fact, I know I wouldn"t have done the same, in light of past personal humiliation during which I always failed to face the music. Like in Grade 7 when Martin Tymowski called me a yellow bellied chink - 2 days of missed school after that one. Or the time this guy lied about having sex with me in Grade 10 - 4 days logged on that occasion. And of course after transferring in Grade 11, I was the new girl at a new school, immediately a new boyfriend, making me the new enemy of Collette, the girl whose crush was unrequited and subsequently killed by my arrival, who waited for me at my locker with 4 of her comrades and threatened to beat me up after school, resulting in 7 days worth of cowering at home, at which point my bewildered father threatened to call her parents and make my life even worse. So... in the interest of objectivity, I"ll give Tom a snap for his fortitude. How many of us, after worldwide ridicule, everyone having a laugh at your expense, how many of us would have been up for the challenge? Certainly not me. Too bad he worships aliens, too bad he kidnaps beautiful girls and imprisons them with his religious mercenaries, too bad he attacked Brooke Shields, and too bad he won"t let his gaygay come out and play. If only she could sparkle, you know? If only…if only… things just might be different. To see Tom and Katie answer back, click here for the video. She really is quite fetching, non?