So the GMD dragged his breast feeding bride out to some park for public playtime the other day and aside from the usual commentary (doesn"t she look brainwashed, isn"t he a freak, how can you deny he"s a homo…etc etc etc) I"m actually more intrigued about the size of his compound. Surely TOM CRUISE must own a piece of property with a large enough lawn and even a food court for refreshments should the anti-postpartum exercise + vitamins necessitate a trip to Jamba Scientolojuice. Are you telling me his house doesn"t sit on 20 pristine acres of freshly trimmed grass??? Please. Of course it does. Which brings us back to my original point. Why hang at a public park and idle your day away if not for the benefit of photographers. The Gay Midget Dwarf is true blue? The real deal? Doesn"t spin? Give me a frickin" break. Can"t believe this f&cker still has fans. Who are these people???