Well praise goddess. I was beginning to miss the public groping and the all out, in your face love explosion otherwise known as the GMD and his beard bride. Happily, they didn"t disappoint. Here they are, in various stages of fraud and flaunt, milking every last second out of the whirlwind publicity tour in support of MI:3, which will likely rule THIS weekend - but the question is: does it have legs? Especially in the face of Tom Hanks and a little movie called DaVinci? Hmmmm… I smell underachievement. Do you??? But enough raining on their carpet. Let"s have a first look at Katie post Suri, shall we? Not bad, all things considered. Not bad at all. Love the hair, I daresay she glows - with assistance, I presume, but glowing nonetheless. And while I"m not a huge fan of her geriatric footwear (all that late stage shopping and this is the best we get???), I can"t deny she looks lovely…if not a little dazed. Then again - nothing new there, non? All in all, not a terrifically surprising outing. I mean, you had to know she"d show up for a final boost - just in time for the weekend, just in time for the Friday papers, just in time for you and I to make our Saturday plans. Will it be movie night…or will it be casino night? Me? I"ll be at the tables. Because I"d rather throw away my money on full tilt five card fun than make any more drops into the Scientology collection plate. Like it"s not enough that I can recite Top Gun from beginning to end. Shame on me.