The Hollywood Reporter interviewed the head of Paramount Adam Goodman. Click here to read the full article. Among the many topics he addressed, including Transformers 4 without Shia Labeouf etc, was the Top Gun sequel.

It’s happening.

Tom Cruise wants to do it. Bruckheimer is on board (of course he is). And Tony Scott will come back to direct.  

But he’s BUSY, Tom Cruise, isn’t he?

He has worked non-stop for over a year. M:I4, then Rock Of Ages, then One Shot, now he’s shooting Oblivion, and they’ve confirmed another Mission Impossible, but first it’ll be Maverick to fly again making my dream of a Tom Cruise-Taylor Lautner hook-up even more possible/probable.

Top Gun Jr!

Click here for my suggested storyline. Junior Mint’s character will totally be called “Colton”. Come on.

Remember when we were all ready to write off Tom Cruise?

What does this mean for Katie Holmes? He’s on a roll so ordinarily you don’t want to mess with the streak. But since he’s on a roll, you could say he’s safe to release her from her obligations. In a way that benefits both parties, naturally. I wonder what that might look like.