Trouble ahead. Steel yourselves.

No wonder he’s been ingratiating himself to Disney and even to Sumner Redstone – looks like United Artists is in trouble and the GMD is scrambling. Originally intended for a summer release, Valkyrie was then pushed back to October. Now it looks like the film has no chance of competing against the season’s award heavyweights which is why it’s just been announced that Valkyrie will not see the light of day until February 2009.


A Tom Cruise film premiering in the weak month of February! Xenu is embarrassed. Trust.

And no matter how they try to spin it, no matter the excuses and the articulate explanations, the message is plain as day: the GMD can’t open big. The GMD is not only NOT a box office guarantee, he might just be a box office liability. And THAT is some scary sh*t.

Because the church will not be happy with seeing a dwindling bottom line. With seeing their 30% sizably reduced. Therefore the church will likely be resorting to some heavy handed measures.

And that can only mean the GMD + Katie + Little Sci.

Prepare for an onslaught… it is coming.