Some celebrities fight the truth every step of the way. Not because the truth ain't the truth but because when their 2 week fight against the truth culminates on Oprah, it makes for really, really great press. Still others don't say a word, preferring not to engage, choosing indifference above all...because indifference guarantees a quicker passing. 

And then there's the Tom Cruise. Who does not deny, who does not deflect, who is happy to address each and every rumour, who is happy to tell the entire world where and when and how he is getting married...and naturally, he told it to Us Weekly. Us Weekly instead of People Magazine? Well played, Janice. Well played indeed. 

Yes, it will be November 18. Yes, it will be in Italy. Yes, they will wear Armani. Yes, they are very happy. Yes, today is October 24. Three weeks gossips. Three weeks of mounting anticipation, three weeks of stirred frenzy, three weeks of travel plans for pappies, three weeks of Cruise Countdown, and three weeks for Victoria Beckham to lose another 5 pounds - she always does before big events, didn't you know? Three weeks gossips. Oh but wait. Life & Style said they had broken up in February...remember? Life & Style also claims that Angelina Jolie had a nervous breakdown this week. Please. Believe The Enquirer before you believe Life & Style. And above all things, believe Us Weekly. Believe Us Weekly before Oprah.