While the Aniston backlash continues to grow, Vince flew to the UK and spent some time with Kevin Spacey. You know what they say about Kevin Spacey right? Like a GMD thing without the spaceship and the couches? That his involvement with the Old Vic has resulted in not only a resurgence for the London theatre but also the creation of a happy homo hunting ground? ALL rubbish of course. I mean, Kevin Spacey is as hetero as Tom Cruise and John Travolta COMBINED, didn"t you know? And oddly enough, those same rumours have been dogging the Vaughn. Everywhere I go, every time I open my inbox, there"s someone who knows someone who got a massage from someone else who went to school with the wife of a dude who"s related to another dude who says that Vince travels the gay way. Also TOTAL rubbish, of course. Bullsh*t, bollocks, not an ounce of truth. But then again, what happens when one set of bollocks meets up with another set of bollocks? Does Not Gay + Not Gay = Definitely Not Gay? Or does Not Gay + Not Gay = Maybe Gaybe? And what of this kiss with a new blonde as reported by the London Sun? Me? I"m thinkin" it"s a friendly association though according to the rag, "Vaughn’s canoodling is the latest humiliation for Jennifer." Hmmm… Really??? Isn"t it more humiliating to fake date a gay? Just asking… Source