Now THIS is hardcore. Tom and Katie, Marc and JLo all out in support of Will Smith, all attending last night’s Hollywood premiere of Will’s Pursuit of Happyness – the wooing of Will continues, a bold bold play on the part of the GMD. Tell me…how many premieres has he attended other than his own? They want Will, they want him badly, and the GMD is bringing his game. Can you see it? Can you hear it? Teeth gleaming, jaw clenched with intensity, eyes fixed, squinting at the right moment, one elbow on his knee, one finger pointing at his hopeful #2: “I want your movie to be a hit, Will. I know the history of making a movie a hit, Will. I have studied how to make movies a hit, Will, and I am telling you – no, I am PROMISING you – if you join us, you will see success like you have never seen it before.” Voice drops to a whisper, “Trust me.” Now Will may not have converted yet, and he may have made comments about being raised Baptist, but under this kind of relentless courtship, can he continue to resist the Church’s irresistible charms? When his carpet is suddenly littered with an A-list explosion, when Tom personally steps out with his robotic bride to hail his latest Oscar bid – will Will succumb to the seductive power of the scientological foreplay? Pray Goddess…hope not. Oh and PS. Can Scientology make babies AND take away the ugly? Maybe it’s just me but Vampire is almost sexy these days…Almost. PPS. What the HELL is Katie doing with this dork??? Source