After fellating the MiniVan Majority on Oprah, Tom Cruise is now focusing his attention on that old bat Barbara Walters who is currently pimping her memoirs in a new book called Audition. 

He appeared on The View yesterday via video to honour her, describing her as a "leading force for women not only in the newsroom but the world at large". 

And how ‘bout this rhetorical gem: "Do you realise (Barbara) that on October fourth 1976, when you became the first woman ever to anchor the evening news, that that moment in time would forever impel other women to reach for their goals in any field that they chose?"

Her response: 

“Oh Tommy baby! How nice!”

Well of course he’s being nice, you geriatric bitch. You aren’t selling him out the way you sold your girls out. Way to represent the ladies! 

Also note – Will Smith sent his regards too. His approach was, in typical Will form, more comedic. He joked about the fact that he Barbara was flirting with him during a recent interview. 

Most interesting of all though, at least to me… 

Tom and Will are wearing the same colour. Like they were sending each other a love message, non?