By the grace of Xenu, Tom Cruise is clearly still winning the battle after 20 years.

Val Kilmer showed up last week at the premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s Wintuk in NYC and again last night at the I’m Not There screening. As you can see…not sweet. Especially the old man runners. 

In fact, in comparison, Tom Cruise in the right light, with the right angles, just like my Rumey Willis, is almost still Maverick. Of course having such a beguiling slave bride next to him doesn’t hurt either. 

Attached – a couple of close up shots of Tom in Europe promoting Lions last month. Check out the infamous Cruise squint with the pursed lips. It’s a throwback expression, non? Sure to come out at least once in each of his movies.

Am also attaching two hilarious shots I can’t believe I missed last week from Tom and Katie’s glamourous appearance at the NYC premiere of Lions for Lambs. How could I have overlooked the kiss?

Check him out, first holding her hand, eyes darting around to make sure the cameras were focused, and then bringing it in close for a chaste peck. Are you dying??? I’m dying.

photos from Splash