In Boston shooting Wichita. Tom Cruise actually has good hair right now. I like it. It’s, um, the chest area that poses a problem. 

Here he is on set with Cameron Diaz filming what looks like a testy scene. And then a visit with his wife and daughter before the two of them boarded a private jet – Katie and Little Sci off on their own. Katie is smiling….

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Wonder what it’s like between Cam and Tom. Cam is famous for acting like one of the guys – farting, burping, picking her nose and ass. Maybe she can loosen him up. He’s funny when he stops thinking of himself as the top gun superhero. We all loved him in Tropic Thunder, non? I like it when Tom Cruise brings The Swears

PS. Busy in Boston right now. Ben Affleck and Tom and Pippy’s on his way. 

Photos from and Winslow/Brown/