Connor Cruise, 15, accompanied his father to the Laker game last night, sitting courtside with Jeffrey Katzenberg. Connor is pursuing an acting career, has a small part in the upcoming Red Dawn. All of a sudden he’s like a full blown adult. Remember how young he looked when the GMD married Robo? And now a proper young man, very handsome, and taller than dad without having to wear wedge heels.

It’s Tom Cruise’s second public appearance this week as he showed up to honour Jerry Bruckheimer on Monday at the Prince of Persia premiere to coincide with Bruckheimer’s hand and footprint ceremony. Cruise spent some time grinning his teeth at Nicolas Cage. These are the conversations I wish so hard we could overhear.

KatE meanwhile continues to spend a lot of time at the dance studio. Yesterday it was 3 hours and she was photographed on her way out in sweats and some funky kicks.

...the f-ck?

Why is Katie Holmes borrowing shoes from Kanye West?

Oh... yes. She’ll be hiphopping next time. Now that she’s “conquered” the classics, she’s on to urban grooves.


Don’t lie. You want to see Katie Holmes busting a move to Lil Wayne on So You Think You Can Dance.

Photos from Kevin Winter/ Noel Vasquez/