A very youthful Tom Cruise sat courtside at the Laker game on Sunday with son Connor. He looks really good, right? And the heels on his shoes aren’t even that obvious this time. Anyway, Tom was very popular. Many other celebrities came to say hello. Like Vanessa Hudgens who was there with her new piece Josh Hutcherson, sharing pizza and getting over Zac Efron.

At some point though, Tom and Connor wandered over to another part of the court where David Beckham and Brooklyn were enjoying the game. Like, remember when their wives used to be best friends? What happened to that? They’d say of course that it’s all good and that they’re simply too busy to hang out every day but there was a time when Posh would ride on Katie as her plus one to Paris Fashion Week. Now they both call themselves “designers” and hardly speak …? 


There’s Girl Sh-t all over that situation. And it would have to be bad to take Tom away from staring at Becks all the time. They both actually seem pretty happy to be seeing each other again. Goddamn it when wives f-ck up a bromance. 

Photos from IOS/London Ent/Splashnewsonline.com and Noel Vasquez/Gettyimages.com