Here are a selection of photos of Tom Cruise the last few days in Atlanta working on Mena, including a few of Jesse Plemons, aka Landry. Because Crucifictorius forever. And why would he ever want to get away from the character for whom so many of us have so much affection?

Mena is due for release in January 6, 2017. Like, already they know they want to put it out in January? As Sarah has mentioned many times, January is not known as a hot month for movies. I can’t remember the last time Tom Cruise opened a movie in January. Tom Cruise is a summer movie kind of guy. Or a Christmas movie kind of guy. So, January? Maybe it’s because nothing else is opening in January 2017 and they think it’s going to be a big deal surprise. But… January??? Does that mean a wide release in January and a limited award season screening through December? Has to be, right? And that puts another angle on if… if they’re thinking it might be an award kind of film.

But the real reason I wanted to write about Tom today is because I wanted to post this photo. Let me explain how I got here. When I was doing the post about Chris Hemsworth and Emily Blunt earlier today – click here for a refresher – and Emily looked so tall next to Elsa Pataky, I started thinking about her height, and how I never really considered her to be one of the tall ones. Then I was, like, how tall was she next to Tom Cruise? So I started looking at pictures of Emily and Tom Cruise. And that, naturally, made me think of Tom and Nicole. Which sent me onto a Tom and Nicole tangent and how she always wore flats with him. And then this picture came up. LOOK AT HIM IN THIS PICTURE:

That’s it. I just wanted to show that to you and make you remember.