This is the kind of sh*t that makes me crazy. 

Toronto Saturday night, Bill Clinton event, major celebrities in attendance, and some of the wealthiest people in Canada filled 30 tables sold at $300K each. I repeat – these people are RICH. They move in rich circles. And if you think it’s lame to stop a celebrity and ask him/her for a photo on the street, how about in an exclusive ballroom when the instructions on your ticket specify NO CAMERAS?


Am told that as soon as dinner started, these millionaires in tuxedos practically “stampeded” over to Tom Cruise’s table, photographing him while he was eating! WTF??? That apparently wasn’t enough and before long, they started tapping him on the shoulder, interrupting his meal, and requesting personal photo opps. The MC for the evening, Eugene Levy, had to get up on stage to tell them, twice, to stop. No use. They kept coming and coming. 

All credit to him, Tom Cruise (Katie did not come along) was lovely. He obliged each and every rude fan, he barely ate, and was finally given some peace when security intervened and people were told to get a f&cking life. 

As for John Travolta – well you’ll recall, Toronto is the city where his gay last escaped. While shooting Hairspray in my home town, John allegedly popped a few c*ckstands with multiple male massage therapists, to the point where he was allegedly asked to leave the very posh, very wasp Granite Club for inappropriate conduct on the massage table and in the locker room after allegedly propositioning male clients and staff alike. 

Perhaps that’s why Kelly Preston was on hand and perhaps it’s why she kept a firm hand, literally, on her husband all night, ensuring that the Xenu beat loud and proud in his heart so that nary a sequin came loose from under his spray-painted rug. John walked the line so well, in fact, that he barely spoke throughout the entire event, and appeared to be exceedingly uncomfortable, almost out of it while delivering his speech, painfully inarticulate, and disappearing for a lengthy absence immediately afterwards, leaving Kelly and Sir Elton John to gossip like good fags and hags. 

Do you pity the poor pilot? 

PS. Why is it so hard to find a photo of Tom Cruise and John Travolta…together? 

File photos from WENN