Oher titles I considering for this post:

Hollywood Power Players under 5 ft 8
Rich dudes in lifts

Anyway, is it possible that these are the first side-by-side photos of Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp? And during the one month window when they happen to both be exactly 50?

Jerry Bruckheimer brought them together. It would have to be. Jerry Bruckheimer’s made the difference – a very lucrative difference – in both their careers. And now that you’re looking at them, for the first time perhaps, standing next to each other, is there much of a difference between Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp?

By the way, re: the “mystery blonde” that Tom had his arm around yesterday when he arrived at the event – as mentioned in that article, the paps were probably too lazy to figure out who she was before sending out the shots because she looked like a publicist-type to me. And indeed she is. I heard from her yesterday – Heidi Lopata, also known as Heidi Slan. She was with PMK for years. You’ll recall, Tom was repped at the height of his career by Pat Kingsley and he broke up with Kingsley around the time that he started up with Katie Holmes, putting his sister in charge of his publicity which… well… didn’t go so well. Lopata is now with 42West. 42West’s Amanda Lundberg is the one who released this curiously worded statement on behalf of Tom last year when Katie shocked the world and filed for divorce:  

"Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children. Please allow them their privacy to work this out."

Not sure if Lopata is taking over from Lundberg – who’s a partner at 42West – but it’ll be interesting to watch how they continue to evolve his publicity strategy from here, now a year after the terrible press he received after the divorce.