This must be their mission. Like how some people collect sand from every beach they visit, or a matchbook, or a one night stand, everyone has a travel ritual.

For the GMD and his KatE, I wonder if their travel ritual involves The Presentation. He must Present Her at every destination, in every city.

And nowwwwww…

The moment Brazil has been waiting for….

For the very first time in Rio de Janeiroooooooo…

Put your hands together…

It’s Tom Cruise presenting Katie Holmes!!!

They went out for dinner last night and pulled out the big move going so far as to match outfits for the occasion.

Someone reminded me of this yesterday, totally unrelated of course, that this is the plastic surgery capital of the world. Couple of years ago I met a tv presenter in Cannes. He was beautiful. Amazing angled face, crazy cut body. Fell in love with him and immediately wanted to be his hag when, after knowing me for only 5 minutes, he proceeded to point out where exactly the work was.

His cheekbones were fake and sculpted, the pecs were implanted, the abs were totally surgerised, and his ass on both sides was enhanced too.

I was obsessed and demanded to feel him up everywhere.

He said it was vintage Rio. At a fraction of the cost of the same in London. And that in 5 years he was going back for more.

Yeah so I’m just saying the GMD looks pretty trim and fit these days. All natural of course.

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