After all, it’s winter in Australia. Maybe the GMD doesn’t like the cold.

So instead of joining her there, he went to the Beyonce concert the other night and danced his little heart out. He was also spotted leaving The Cut yesterday in Beverly Hills with a well dressed dinner companion. It’s been almost 2 weeks since he and his wife have been apart. Little Sci is with her mother in Melbourne while Tom attends to “business” in LA.

Am surprised that In Touch or Life & Style have yet to slap it on a cover – that they’re divorcing because they’re apart. They were supposed to divorce 6 months ago too.

The GMD knows this game. He’ll be back in Australia before long, unless Katie comes home first. There’s that So You Think You Can Dance appearance next week. Most agree it was pre-taped but you know the Gay Midge would love to capitalise on the press by having her on his arm out and about in Hollywood that night…if her film schedule allows.

Here she is walking to set today. Hopefully that’s a costume.

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