Tom Cruise was recognised last night at the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s Annual National Tribute Dinner in Beverly Hills as he was presented with the Humanitarian Award, the organisation’s highest honour. There were some pretty powerful Hollywood players in attendance to pay their respects to Tom. It was a great night for him. And he celebrated with his son Connor and of course his wife Katie Holmes who was extra cleavy in a lovely black dress with a green sash and you know what I love? I love that her pedicure isn’t perfect and is probably a week old and she didn’t feel the need to go make it fresh for this occasion and still decided to go open toe. 

Anyway, on March 29th, I posted this article of Katie at the premiere of The Kennedys and her chest was also sitting up and she wasn’t wearing a skin tight dress and of course, you babybump freaks were all over it like Little Sci the sequel is totally happening. It’s not exactly the most reliable way to gossip. 

Having said that, I know how much you love scrutinising a woman’s belly. It’s been 5 weeks since that last post. She looks the same to me although, of course, I guess I’m no expert on the subject. Have at her. 

As for Tom, he has actively worked on improving relationships with people like Brad Grey, Jeffrey Katzenberg over the last year or so after isolating himself for much too long prior to his public embarrassment. That may have been a Church strategy and if it was, it was stupid. And they’ve likely learned their lesson now. He’s a Movie Star. He’s not a Prophet. At least he shouldn’t be, out in the open. 

Photos from KEYSTONE Press and Kevin Winter/