Tom Cruise and his Robo attended Cameron Diaz’s Walk of Fame ceremony yesterday – we see a lot of Katie Holmes but Tom has been selective about his appearances lately, always strategic, always calculating.

He’s to begin work on a new film with Cam very soon. It only helps him to help her. And so he did. 

As usual, as you can see, Katie looks like sh-t. On this day, on this occasion though, let’s not cut her too hard. Katie has never been a one-upper. She’s not Victoria Beckham. It was not her turn to be the pretty girl yesterday. She was content to stand back with her little guy and her greasy hair in her shredded white skinny jeans.

Tom was wearing skinny jeans too! 

And looks better in them than she does, non? 

Who taught Tom how to wear pants well? Bradley Cooper should borrow the stylist.

The long-ish hair though, the long-ish hair isn’t working. It’s too straight to be long, non? 

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