No amount of Xenu Juice could have prevented Tom Cruise from attending the Spice Girls concert in LA on Wednesday night. How could any gay resist the glitter? 

On top of that, how can Tom resist a photo opportunity? With thousands of fans and their camera phones and the world media on alert – OF COURSE he showed up with his RoboKate. And of course they dragged out their 18 month old baby!

Are you telling me this fool can’t afford a nanny for just one night? At 18 months, could Little Sci really appreciate the experience…especially when she’s not even related to any of the five plastics on stage? 


But Tom was in a lovely mood, non? And who wouldn’t be hanging out in a private box with David’s hotness all night long? David and his tight shirt, David quivering our loins while doting on his children.

LOVE that the boys are wearing “Spice Boys” tees. LOVE Romeo in his grown up man suit – isn’t he handsome? And check out how into it Brooklyn is watching mom. 

Am now more obsessed than ever.

God save the Beckhams. Xenu save the Beckhams!

Photos from Splash