It’s the 2nd Tom Cruise post of the day. But it’s too good to skip.

Tom and Katie went for a run together in Boston this afternoon. Obviously the hair issue is not his fault, cannot be helped. But still it totally cracks me up. 

In all fairness though, according to my husband Jacek, I am the ugliest runner ever. The most uncoordinated, the most unattractive, the most unnatural running style you have ever seen. He ridicules me about it all the time. He loves to imitate it, with one elbow bent at a gimpy angle because it simply doesn’t hold right since Mischa Barton broke it

Anyway, someone needs to send Katie some cuter running pants. 

The New York Marathon takes place on November 1st. Because of these photos, speculation is mounting anew that Katie will participate again. Last time she finished in 5 hours 29 minutes. Many of you have called this slow. Very slow.

Nope. Not going there.

Starting tomorrow I’m training for a half marathon. The goal, a rather ambitious one, is 2 hours 5 minutes based on my 10k time of 1 hour 4 minutes. See? I’m not fast either. So until I reach my target, there is no f-cking way I’m knocking hers. 

Photos from Mark Edwards/