This is why I am the worst aunt and would be an even worse mother: when toddlers cry (excluding the event of an emergency – easy there MiniVan), to me it’s so cute I have to laugh… which I’m told encourages whatever they happen to be wailing about. Which is why this clip of Little Sci getting upset about something is probably the most adorable I’ve ever seen her…and she’s already incredibly adorable.

Click here to see. The part when she shakes her head? Irresistible. Sigh. I love her.

And then … her parents.

The GMD and Katie went out for dinner the other night in Berlin and yet again… he"s presenting her!

Please note – there are no stairs, they are simply walking, but he insists on holding her hand that’s closest to him with his hand that’s furthest away.

Who walks like this??? I made my husband try it with me the other day…just to see. Just to be fair I said, maybe he wants to hold on to her back with one arm and clutch her hand with the other. Maybe it’s comfortable and sexy. So we tried it. We tried walking in the parkade from our car to the elevator imitating the Cruise. And it was weird. I felt like an old lady. He felt like a nurse putting an old lady into a wheelchair. And my wrist felt weird. The wrist is where he holds her hand, see? But then do you leave your wrist limp or do you flex? If you leave it limp you feel like an invalid, if you flex up, it’s f&cking stupid. I’m telling you… it ain’t right.