Yesterday photos were released of Tom and Katie mid-argument after she supposedly snapped at him for making her wait, one of the few times the two have been pictured not faking their fake love, prompting many people to declare that IT’S SO OVER! and calling for a divorce watch.

Please define IT’S SO OVER!

Because oftentimes a declaration of IT’S SO OVER! as it applies to celebrities never pans out. 

Does it mean that behind the veil the love is lost even though the two keep fronting like it’s not? Because the very act of fronting like it’s not is a direct f-ck you to IT’S SO OVER!, especially for a couple like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. 

Here they are in Australia with Little Sci today making sure photographers get good shots of them holding hands. 

I agree. She looks miserable. But she’s looked miserable FOREVER. Looking miserable does not guarantee release. Not from him. Not from them.

There is no way he’s letting her go now, not when he hasn’t been on a film set in two years. Trust. 

Also – just noticed something…

He’s wearing his high heel wedges again. He was not wearing them yesterday. In fact, yesterday he was wearing super flat Chucks. And quickly dashed ahead of her, running his hands through his hair.

Maybe it wasn’t that they were fighting…

Maybe it was that he didn’t want to look so short. Tricky little guy he is. So small and squirrelly. 

Photos from Photonews/