He’s in Berlin promoting Valkyrie which has grossed almost $80 million domestically so far, already recouping its production budget and therefore NOT a Fail. Much of this success is due to the non stop pimp of his new physique and his accompanying fresh face. A face that looked kinda Jolie-esque waxy as he posed today at the photocall.

And now that she’s fulfilled her Broadway duties, KatE came too!

Here they are tonight on the red carpet, just after the Brange lit up the city yesterday. Curious comparison:

Katie Holmes has been looking/dressing way older than she is.

Angelina Jolie, last night with her sidesweep, looked/dressed way older than she is.

So head to head young broads who dress old…who wins?

Based on the German sightings, I say Katie, even though she’s almost androgynous. And even though a thread is coming loose. Is this another one of her cheap sh-t designs?

And even still, still better than Angie. Because she’s not wearing a white pantsuit pulled up to her ribcage. Dude, you know I love the Jolie. But that white pantsuit pulled up to her ribcage was the assiest of all ass.

PS. Bill Nighy. That’s all.

PPS. They’re in the same town: possibility of a Pitt/Cruise double date? The Chosen One playing with Little Sci? They’re all on the campaign trail. Chances are good. Can you imagine? Janice Min’s head would explode!

PPPS. Ummm….how much plastic surgery has Bryan Singer had???

photos from Splashnewsonline.com and Wenn.com