Looks like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes went from the Valkyrie red carpet last night straight to the airport. He was spotted in London arriving very late. Not sure if she went with him but the two appeared to be extra affectionate going through security, hugging and kissing and giggling, perhaps saying goodbye as KatE heads home to Little Sci? She did not appear to have made the trip to Germany though it seems unlikely the midge wouldn’t drag his wife over to the UK premiere with him.

We shall see soon enough.

In the meantime, it looks like Katie’s lined up another job. A new independent feature alongside Kevin Kline and John C Reilly called The Extra Man about a struggling older playwright (Kline) who mentors a young playwright (the brilliant Paul Dano) while moonlighting as a male escort for wealthy New York widows.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Wenn.com