Saturday night in Hollywood, there was a big Scientology party attended by some of Xenu’s most ardent disciples including John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston, Priscilla Presley, Juliette Lewis, Jenna Elfman, and Jason Lee, who looked hotter than he has in a long time. You can see the photos here

The photos however do not include Tom Cruise or his wife Katie Holmes. But they were in town. They were at a Katy Perry concert the next night so they were definitely around. Still, even if they did attend, and it’s hard to confirm because the Church does not allow reporting from its private events, they were not photographed. As one of the highest profile members, if not THE highest profile member, why wouldn’t Tom want to be photographed supporting his Hubbards? 

On the outside, there needed to be some distance. For the sake of the career, for the sake of the money that results from the career that then gets redirected back to the Sci, there needed to be some distance.

And so here they are, Tom and Katie in New York last night where she walked the carpet at the premiere of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark while he looked after Little Sci. They met up afterwards and he wore his big suede shoes and presented her and they were surrounded by fans and he kept his shades on the whole time. 

Then, this morning, Katie was back out on press, seen here leaving their apartment in a lovely blouse and skirt paired with these ridiculous boots...WHAT??? How is this a fashion designer with an eye for anything but sh-t? The problem of course is that she thinks she can make it work with a length that falls below the knee. It is not below the knee. It is not the same. It is basic. I don’t know, given her, um, vocation now, why she wouldn’t be able to figure this out. 

Photos from and PPNY/GSNY/