The Family Presentation

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 22, 2007 08:11:03 October 22, 2007 08:11:03

Look at the way he carries her – the GMD, knowing he is constantly surrounded by photographers, insists on pimping Little Sci face first to the world, cupping her outward instead of cradling her inwards, just like he does her mother.

Check out the following series of photos from their weekend in NYC. You will note, per usual, he is leading and “presenting” his RoboBride out of their hotel. Look closely at Katie’s expression. The soft blush of her cheeks, the beatific smile, more cheerful than we’ve seen her in days, as her husband lifts his hand in a rather presidential wave…

Many of you have suggested it and I totally agree. It’s the Gay Midget Dwarf’s attempt to evoke and subsequently imitate Camelot, designed to charm the MiniVan Majority and those ass munchers over at People Magazine. And he does look good, doesn’t he?

Fit and trim and curiously fresh faced – Tom Cruise appears almost 10 years younger and very, very handsome. Must be campaign season. Oh yes…it is.

One more quick observation – Little Sci’s big feet. Like dinner rolls - SO cute! But still… to me they look big. Which I’m told means she’ll be tall. Obviously taking after her mother who is tall. Or maybe her real father is tall as well?

Ps. I love Xenu





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