Tom and KatE on the carpet at the Valkyrie premiere in Rio last night. As you can see, Katie busted out of her neutrals for a change working her red lips for an attempt at vavavoom that fell totally flat. No pun intended. 

It’s not that she has no curves, it’s just that she oozes androgyny. Like really, how hard can it be to summon up a brief spark of sex appeal with red lipstick and sequins?


It’s not my problem she’s not having sex. 

Let’s instead discuss something totally, totally unrelated. Remember yesterday I mentioned, also unrelated, that Rio is the plastic surgery capital of the world and that the Cruise Family decided to spend a few extra days there in advance of the premiere oh and also that Tom happens to be looking super cut these days? 

Interestingly enough, while relaxing in Brazil, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have stayed with Ivo Pittangui, the world’s most renowned plastic surgeon who has created the faces of many of the rich and famous, now very very wealthy, retired from private practice but instead focuses on pro bono work for the disadvantaged and disfigured. 

Tom’s courtship of Dr P… 

Xenu recruitment? His and her touch-up? Or both? Or nothing? 

Is your smutty sense tingling?

Thanks Caroline! 

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