Remember, I’m the childless shrew. The bitch whose womb has been frozen by Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgeon. In other words, I concede, I’m not the authority on family dinners and meals with the kids.

But please… before you yummy mummies get all sanctimonious on my Chinese ass, think about dinner at Nobu. It’s an expensive restaurant. For non-celebrities like us, it might even be an occasion restaurant. Somewhere you might go when your mother-in-law can come over on Friday night, give you and baby father a night out.

Suffice to say… Nobu is NOT Appleby’s?

And suffice to say, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Ben Stiller can all afford nannies?

They can afford a hundred nannies!

But here they are, on Friday night, the first weekend of Tropic Thunder, all gathering at Nobu with their toddlers in tow.

Why would you take children to Nobu if you had the choice? The fussing, the screaming, the fidgeting…or the potential of the fussing and the screaming and the fidgeting. And the need, inevitably, for an adult to distract one of the tykes with a walkabout half way through the entrée, coming back only when the food is cold… I’ve been to enough weddings to know, it’s not exactly an uncommon occurrence.

And look at Little Sci. Little Sci is TIRED! Over and over I hear from my reproducing friends about this concept of being “over tired”. I’ve seen their children when “over tired” takes over. Over tired is some scary sh*t. And with her personality, Little Sci’s overtiredness is probably epic.

All this for a photo opp?

I’m not a parent. Maybe it’s just me.

PS. LOVE the way the GMD’s pants are hiked up to his nipples.

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