During their trip to NYC last weekend, Little Sci’s parents took her to a performance of Hairspray on Broadway and she loved it. Tom and KatE also told the show’s star Jenifer Lewis that Hairspray is actually Little Sci’s favourite video.

Well of course it is!

Hairspray is the Gayest Show on Earth! The GMD probably can’t get enough of it, and watching with his daughter is, like, the best bonus ever.

I was talking to someone who worked on that set not too long ago. Hairspray was shot in Toronto, directed by Adam Shankman. She said it not only was the Gayest Show on Earth, it was also the Gayest SET on earth.

John Travolta was not reining it in at the time. He did it for his Church brother Tom Cruise.

Here’s the impossibly cute Little Sci with her own Little Sci out and about in New York on Monday. Little Sci is the best.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com