Big bash going down this weekend – the GMD and his RoboBride along with Will and Jada Smith are feting the Beckhams’ arrival in America at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Tom is said to be flying back from Germany just for the occasion but the funniest rumour about all this is that originally, he and his wife were supposed to the sole hosts of the celebration until they were advised that the party would actually be more popular (ie well attended) if they added the Smiths on there as well just to assure people that it’s not going to be a Church function.


Another interesting point – note the wording on the gold embossed invitation:

"Please join Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith in welcoming David and Victoria Beckham to Los Angeles."

Katie Holmes. Are we back to KatIE now? An officially sanctioned Cruise communication with the deliberate use of her full and original name?

A new strategy must be in place. My smutty sense is tingling…

As for those photos… photos from yesterday of the skinny Posh showing sag and cellie (click here for a refresher). Many of you have emailed indignantly suggesting that the images had been photoshopped, comparing them to other photos you may have seen elsewhere on other sites that don’t appear to show the same unflattering bumps.

Believe it or not, and you have the right to your own opinion, these photos were not doctored/tampered with etc.

The pics that appeared on my site were originally printed in the UK’s Daily Mail, a major UK publication with enough of a bank account to be considered attractive on the paying end of a lawsuit. Furthermore, the SAME photos were printed again TODAY in the London Sun, another major publication with deep pockets.

In addition – these images were taken by INF/GOFF and have been widely sold without inconsistencies, meaning that what you see in the Daily Mail is exactly the same as what you see in The Sun. The photos you may have seen that don’t close in on the bumps and the lumps originate from other photo agencies taken from different angles which means we are comparing two sets of negatives.

As I always say – gossip is a buffet. You are welcome to choose which perspective you believe. However, calling this slamdunk case of Photoshoppe is probably a bit premature…

Just sayin’…