There were photos published very recently of Tom Cruise taking his shirt off, showing off some middle aged back fat. A meltdown, mental AND physical, clearly ensued. Because Tom Cruise turned up at a racing event in Laguna Seca on Sunday showing off a much more streamlined physique. 

Check out those skinny jeans!

As far as jeans are concerned though, his wife’s are hurting. Like excruciating pain. Like behind the wheel of the MiniVan singing Kumbaya with the Majority. 

Capri jeans? CAPRI JEANS???

Karl is hissing: Demode! Demode! 

This is 29 year old Katie Holmes, making her legs stumpy and short, so that the megalomaniac she married can add an inch and a half to his 5 ft 6. On a good day. 


To be fair though, a few of these pictures are beautiful…especially the close-ups. And while Tom, in his manly man leather jacket and shades, hasn’t quite recaptured Days of Thunder, next to his aging spouse, he almost looks 40 again. 

PS. The fist pump and the high heeled moto boots totally make my life. 

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