Valkyrie opens in Brazil this week so Tom Cruise and his family arrived a few days early to spend some time relaxing in Rio de Janeiro, followed constantly by their security team and the paps and screaming fans, all of which seemed to irritate the adorable Little Sci, pictured holding her hands over her ears while her father grins like a hyena for photographers.

To make up for the fright, they took Little Sci for some playtime at the beach where she was allowed to hang out with other children even though her father kept trying to engage her in deep discussion. Don’t you love the Photo Assumption game?

To complete their holiday photo album, Tom also took Katie out for sushi. And please. Please don’t start that conversation again. The bumpwatch conversation. More unreliable than Star Magazine, and this is the worst insult ever. Every time a woman wears a loose-fitting dress it doesn’t mean she’s pregnant.

Let’s focus instead on why he insists on treating her like she’s incapable of walking independently. Some women consider this romantic. I consider it stop-f-cking-smothering-me-and-get-the-hell-out-of-my-face.

We’re all made differently I guess.

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