Tom Cruise did not walk the carpet with Katie Holmes. Instead, he went straight inside and presented the final award of the night, a responsibility usually reserved for a big deal name. Thank you Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. Tom Cruise keeps hanging in there. You do have to admire his tenacity, don’t you? He will never let you push him out. He will stay there until he wears you down. All the while he will seemingly never age. What are they doing out there on that secret Scientology compound? If that’s actually what they’ve managed to do - create the most advanced and natural looking anti-aging system ever - well, aliens or not, Hollywood will come. And then the Church will own it.

Right after the show, Tom took Katie to Vanity Fair. The Presentation wasn’t so prominent this time. But they did match royal blues. Check out Katie in Elie Saab... and a fringe. Terrible idea. Immediately it becomes a beauty pageant.

While inside Tom and Katie hilariously spent time with their old friends the Beckhams. David looks like he’s surrounded by crazy people doesn’t he?

So there are pictures of Katie with Posh. And there are pictures of Katie with Natalie Portman - posted earlier - and there are even pictures of Katie with Lily Collins but there are no pictures of Katie with Michelle Williams who did go to Vanity Fair too. Just thought I’d mention.