Tom Cruise took Suri to Disney World this week. She looked like she had a great time. And there were a few little friends for her to play with too. Tom got in the water with her at the water park. As you can see, he’s fit right now. So he doesn’t mind showing you, like a one-two punch: I’m a great single dad AND I’m still hot at 50.

Between the waist and shoulders he kinda reminds me of Ryan Lochte. As I wrote in today’s open, for body preference, I prefer Michael Phelps’s - long, lean, and lanky. And cut. Lochte is built more ...compact. Not unlike Tom Cruise around the middle, non? Also his thighs stick together. As for that grill - a lot of you have emailed about that grill and...well... I don’t hate the grill. I kinda love the grill. The grill makes me laugh. The dopey-ness makes me laugh too. Have you seen this video? I watched that twice this morning and it made me so happy, in the way that Mimi makes me happy.

The problem with being an airhead though is that I wonder if it isn’t a limitation to his winning. Or not winning. After the training there’s the strategy. If it’s the combination of strategy, instinct, and preparation that leads to victory, that might explain why Lochte couldn’t meet the expectation. Honestly? If Lochte was delivering and cleaning up golden boy styles, he would have probably been my Summer Crush by now. Coming in they said he was the sh-t.  He said “This is MY TIME”. Lochte has been good. But has he been GREAT? In these Games can you actually say he’s been GREAT?

As already noted, I am a hype whore, an easy sell. When hype turns out to be overhype though, hype whores almost take it harder.