Little Sci’s dad took her to Disneyland yesterday, just the two of them (and bodyguards and assistants). Tom Cruise has been busy with Rock Of Ages reshoots the last few days but had part of the day off yesterday to spend with his youngest while her mother took meetings, trying to line up an acting job...

There haven’t been very many available to her. 

It’s not like Kelly Preston was the best actress ever either, you know. But then again, Katie Holmes had a lot more potential before she straddled Tom’s manly motorcycle and never looked back. Or kept looking back. Depends on what version of the story you believe. 

I really love this shot of Suri and Tom in the teacup though. He looks convincingly amused. What do you think they talk about? By the way, I’m not joking when I say they’re already talking about an Oscar campaign for him for Rock Of Ages next year. I will laugh and laugh and laugh if it comes down to Tom’s Rock Of Ages vs Taylor Swift’s Les Mis. Can you imagine?