Tom Cruise and son Connor were in Tampa, Florida last night watching the NCAA Women’s Final Four Semi featuring Maryland and Connecticut. Tom’s been in London for several months working on Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. The movie opens July 31st. So I hope they’re done shooting. Because that doesn’t leave a lot of time in post.

In other Tom news…

It’s been a week since Going Clear aired on HBO in the US. As mentioned last week, the doc is getting a theatrical release here in Canada on May 8th which is also when it’ll be available On Demand. That SNL Neurotology sketch that I posted about in today’s open? It’s based on real Scientology video – see below – from 1990 that features a young David Miscavige, Tom’s Xenu brother, who, in his youth, looks remarkably like his celebrity best friend. Hilariously the song is called We Stand Tall. Which neither Cruise or Miscavige do, naturally, but there are ways around that.

So how does Going Clear affect Cruise? Does it?

People saw it. People talked about it. Will they keep talking about it? Or, by July, will they all have forgotten in the summer heat?