Tom Cruise was in Vegas for CinemaCon as part of the Paramount presentation, especially important because Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation comes out in July and, well, they want it to make big money. They need it to make big money. Footage from the movie was screened for theatre owners and some film geeks. The reaction was very positive. Sarah wrote about the trailer a few weeks ago (click here for a refresher) and from the previews, as she noted, it appears to do what it’s supposed to do for a summer blockbuster: entertain. That scene from the plane? He was 5000 ft above ground. He said he was “scared sh-tless”.

Those theatre owners, they ate it up. This the Movie Star they came to see. On stage, all charisma, talking, participating in a session called The State Of The Industry: Past, Present, and Future. It applies to his career too, as all we talk about between his releases is Scientology and how much time he spends with his kid. Like Johnny Depp, he’s been trying to change the conversation too. At this point though, am I a terrible person if I say I think I might prefer Cruise to Depp?