And Xenu loves money! As mentioned several months ago, Russia has become a must-stop on the Hollywood promotional tour. There is BIG money in Russia. And Russians seem desensitised to supercheese. So here’s Tom in Moscow at the premiere of Valkyrie last night looking all heroic and sh-t, accepting a rose from his ardent fans, continuing to work that new young waxy face. 

Have to say, he’s also totally rockin’ that turtleneck. 

The Midge really should share the name of that surgeon, non? That is masterful work.

Curious this current iteration of Tom Cruise. So independent! 18 months ago it would have been inconceivable to see him on a carpet without his wife. This time, he’s been solo throughout most of the Valkyrie tour, even after Katie’s run on Broadway. And we know she was in LA the other night, her schedule free enough to present at the SAGs. KatE did not walk the carpet alone – that’s too much of a stretch – but she was allowed to be on her own… 

It’s a subtle but smart message, the sign of a new strategy: they can exist without each other. 

Is it working? 

Well, she just signed on her first movie in 2 years, and his agents have been in serious negotiations for several projects to start shooting in the second half of 2009. It would seem so…

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