For some reason, Jada was missing yesterday for Will Smith’s handprint ceremony at Grauman’s so Tom Cruise stepped in and played the part of doting partner, seated on the sidelines in admiration, practically drooling over a man he keeps calling his “inspiration”.

Sweet Xenu, it’s like porn for Scientologists!

But the group shots kill me. Check out Tom at the very end trying to squeeze himself in… and the guffawing and gesticulating, desperately trying to be part of the group - I almost feel pity. The way you feel badly for the boy in school who gets left out…except that this particular boy worships aliens and attacks psychiatry. 

Still… it’s the happiest Tom’s looked in months, being near his hero, watching his hero bend over, watching his hero lean back and thrust forward. No wonder KatE wasn’t allowed to come…

Photos from Wenn