I opened my column on Friday with the following re: Oprah’s new interview with Tom Cruise:

“She’ll treat her flock to an intimate look inside the heavily guarded gates of the Cruise compound, she’ll play in Little Sci’s room, and she’ll whoop it up with Tom on the back of his manly motorcycle, just because that’s been every MiniVan Majority Member’s fantasy since Top Gun.”

Turns out it wasn’t a motorcycle. But it WAS a snowmobile. And yes, Katie and Little Sci were there and yes… Tom discusses the couch, and the Church, and even his tiff with Matt Lauer.

So here’s the question: do you think the Mighty Opes will call him out on church tactics? Do you think she will debate him on Scientology’s irresponsible attack of psychiatry?

She HERSELF has been helped by psychiatry. So will she defend it? Or will she give Tom Cruise the same treatment she gives John Travolta? Does being “true to yourself” only apply to her mesmerised flock and not to her famous friends?

Opes gets in bed with the GMD – Part 1 airs THIS FRIDAY! Part two airs the following Monday when Tom returns to Oprah’s studio.

Don’t lie. You will watch. We will all watch!

Here’s Tom with his kids yesterday at the LA Galaxy game. He actually looks pretty good. Oh wait. That’s because I can’t see his shoe lifts or his camel toe.