Tom Cruise is currently working on a cameo for Ben Stiller’s new movie Tropic Thunder. Ben of course is balls deep in bed with Tom Cruise, also committing to United Artists and Tom to star in the Hardy Men Movie with shooting scheduled to begin next year.

Obviously willing to return the favour, Tom donned a fat suit and a bald wig in character for Tropic Thunder and was caught by the paps. Once the images started lighting up the web however his intimidating legal team swept in to crush circulation, warning of legal action if magazines and tv shows dared to air the pictures.

Why the gay gay so touchy touchy? 

Well…you can hardly blame him, I suppose. This is a man whose entire career has been predicated upon the illusion of virility and youth and heterosexuality. Every queen has aging issues, and Tom is no exception, especially now, with a fair skinned, beguiling RoboBride on his arm, it is more critical than ever to perpetuate the fraud, to say nothing of the fact that Lions for Lambs was a resounding box office bomb! Hee. 

Xenu likes his Tom lean, fresh, thin, and tall(er)…with shoes lifts to assist.

source TMZ