I don’t like the word “regimen”. I think because it’s often confused with “regiment” and I hate when people sound dumb. Like when they add a “d” in “whirlwind” and make it “worldwind”.  Britney used to do this all the time. And Justin Timberlake too, until he started using big words like he’s some kind of celebrity thinker.  Anyway, that’s why I’ve chosen to title this “routine” instead. 

Many of you have remarked that Tom has looked better than ever during this press tour for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. Now The Hollywood Reporter (in an article that has Janice Min’s direction all over it) is suggesting that Tom Cruise’s new youth may be a result of his friendship with renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon, Dr Ivo Pitanguy. Pitanguy is known to be the pioneer of plastic surgery in Brazil. Katie Holmes is apparently a big fan of his skin care line. To soften the suggestiveness behind this story, The Hollywood Reporter hints that perhaps Tom could simply be using Dr Pitanguy’s creams. 

Whatever it is, it’s working really well. 

Tom doesn’t look overly injected. He’s still able to show us his full range of emotions: excited, more excited-er, and crazy. I wonder if this bothers Nicole Kidman. That all around her, so many people are able to do it without alarm, while her attempts, all of them, have resulted in her becoming the unofficial ambassador for Botox. 

Check out Tom on Letterman the other night, his face and skin closer to 40 than it is to 50, handsome in his grey sweater, and riding a very satisfying high for his new movie. It’s a Happy Christmas for Tom Cruise. He got his face and career back. 

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