Rumours are circulating via tabloids right now that it’ll be George Clooney to play the Lone Ranger opposite Johnny Depp’s Tonto. Not exactly inspired casting…

But now an interesting twist. Am told exclusively that Tom Cruise knocked on the House of the Mouse last Thursday and asked to be considered for the part.

The Gay Midget Dwarf as the Lone Ranger?

Apparently he understands his popularity has diminished. As such, he wants to resurrect on the wings of Disney and Depp, humbly accepting that he cannot do it alone, that he needs another big name to lend a hand. And then there’s the matter of United Artists, his floundering studio. Word is he’s kissing Disney ass because he wants UA to be sheltered under the Disney umbrella.

Disney execs were said to be surprised by these developments during the meeting and are carefully considering the GMD’s proposal.

Tommy and Johnny…

You likey?

File photos from WENN