Oh look it’s Tom Cruise! With a new haircut!

He was keeping it long for Rock of Ages. Now it’s time for Jack Reacher. Yes, Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher in the Hollywood adaptation of One Shot. Tom has already taken a lot of sh-t for this casting decision because, well, for starters, Jack Reacher is supposed to be something like 6 ft 5 which...clearly... Tom Cruise isn’t.

But it’s the spirit, people! He can capture the spirit! He can squint and square his jaw!

Anyway, so that’s why he cut his hair, seen here in New York yesterday. Looking good.

Over in Paris, Taylor Lautner continued to promote his movie Abduction. Let me put this out there right now: I would pay to see a movie with Tom Cruise and Junior Mint. I would.

Maverick has a son. Maverick teaches at Top Gun. His son, Colson, is wayward and lazy. Maverick enrols him at the academy. They fight a lot. Then they challenge each other to a shirtless game of volleyball on the beach. Dad wins. But Junior catches the eye of a girl, Chloe Moretz. They have sex but he doesn’t take off his leather jacket. The next morning he gets a call. The Chinese are trying to invade the US airspace. Father and son fly together and save the world. The Chinese agree to forgive the trillion dollar American debt. Everyone is happy.

Why hasn’t this happened already?