This will be the best minute of your day.


The GMD went to a wedding recently. At that wedding, he decided to be the Britney Spears to Larry Ellison’s Justin Timberlake. Ellison is the guy who runs Oracle. He’s richer than f-ck. And they challenged each other to a dance-off.

Xenu the merciful allowed this to be iPhoned for our enjoyment.

Thanks Xenu.

Note that, for some reason, the GMD he keeps touching his hair. Note also the little “go ahead” move he offers at the end of his throwdown. Like... this is a real, actual thing. Like it matters. Like he can’t even unclench when we’re all having fun, silly-dancing at a wedding.


I can’t stop watching. 6 times already. Am obsessed.

Someone keeps telling Tom Cruise that Les Grossman is still alive. That’s the problem with Tom Cruise. He doesn’t know when a joke is over.

But who are these people allowing this sh-t to happen?

Is it embarrassing when rich famous people are being embarrassing? Rich famous people are surrounded by sycophants who never tell them that anything they do is embarrassing. In fact, rich famous people do embarrassing things and they still get their dicks sucked all the time, often for the embarrassing things they just did. So is it embarrassing if it’s done by the rich and famous? I’m starting to think it’s not anymore.

Look at all those people standing around these two fools hoo-ing and hollering and fist pumping. They’re not embarrassed by what they’re seeing. Or, rather, their embarrassment is less acute than their greed and need to be associated with the two people who are embarrassing themselves in front of everyone else.

I guess that’s where I was going then. Embarrassment has lost its power.

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