Tom Cruise told that his daughter (with Nicole Kidman) Isabella is now an apprentice at Holmes & Yang. Holmes & Yang of course is Katie's label. Oh, wait, I'm sorry - it's KatE's label.

Said Tom:

"Kate's designing and (Bella) is just working her way up. She's an artist, Bella, so it's really great that she gets to work with it. She's loving it."

You know, KatE is like Fetch. Is it ever going to happen?

Two things here - it makes me sad for Nicole Kidman, who has access to the most exclusive fashion houses, who has so much more style (by experience too) than her successor, isn't sharing this with her girl. Whatever is happening there, I wonder if she is a part of it.

Next - Bella's apprenticeship totally makes sense. But...with Katie? Her? Why didn't Katie have to apprentice? Because, um, you've seen the self-designed sh-t she's put out there, right? I'm just saying she might not be the best person to learn from. Like taking acting lessons from Kellan Lutz.

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