More information from that deposition is being leaked. In case you missed it, Tom Cruise is suing IN TOUCH for saying he abandoned Suri. Click here for my initial post about it last week. During the deposition, in addition to blaming Scientology for his alleged estrangement from his daughter, the magazine’s lawyers suggested that Tom was so disconnected from Suri that he went to Cameron Diaz’s birthday party instead of being with his child. Tom denies it. And he accuses them of just looking at paparazzi photos and drawing conclusions.

You mean that’s not accurate reporting?

Needless to say, the suggestion that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz had anything going on is absurd. Even a gossip novice would know not to believe that. But the fact that he was called to answer to tabloid headlines, one by one, and have that discussion broadcast word for word for public consumption…? It’s humiliating.

We all know that IN TOUCH and LIFE & STYLE are full of sh-t. But they’re not the ones coming out of this looking worse. It can’t get any worse for them. Tom Cruise has a lot more to lose. And what he’s losing is any dignity he had left after jumping on Oprah’s couch.

Did he compare his movie star life to a soldier in Afghanistan? Not really. Click here for TMZ’s analysis and clarification of the interview. Still, it doesn’t matter. Because the headlines that caught your attention initially implied that this guy is delusional, a Scientology megalomaniac who thinks he can levitate, and could stand shoulder to shoulder with soldiers fighting in a war zone. 

So far, at least from a public relations perspective then, nothing good has come of this. Now how does he turn it around? Olivia Pope!