Tom Cruise is in Toronto right now – media blitz for the embattled Valkyrie which, am told, is not a bad movie, and a very interesting story, but for Tom’s involvement and he’s completely overshadowed and out-acted by Kenneth Branagh, Tom Wilkinson, and Bill Nighy.

Valkyrie’s success or failure, of course, falls on the diminutive Tom Cruise. 

He’s never one to back down from a challenge. Or, for that matter, an exercise in futility. I admire the effort. 

So he’ll be making the rounds. MuchMusic, MTV Canada, Live @ eTalk, and The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. Many of you have emailed me about his 60 minutes with George. And you know I love George. And George will work it as best he can. But never forget – Tom Cruise is one of the most handled celebrities in the business. A huge entourage. A meticulous process. A fierce publicist. Perhaps even several of them. And they all know – they can’t risk a f-ck up. 

So chances are they will play it safe. Very safe. Which doesn’t mean his body language, his mannerisms, as always, won’t be hilariously and chillingly watchable. Just don’t expect any major revelations or, for that matter, for him to be pushed into any major revelations. 

Watch tonight. Recap tomorrow.

This is Tom in New York this morning en route to Toronto. Of course he couldn’t put his coat on until he showed you his bulging biceps. 

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